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  • The History of Columbia Veterinary Hospital

    Columbia Veterinary Clinic was opened by Dr. Homer Webb in 1969. Dr. Charles Tucker purchased the practice in the mid-1970's. Long-time clients may recall that his first and only associate veterinarian was Dr. Peggy Power, whose first position after graduation from WSU in 1982 was with Columbia Vet. When Dr. Power left for another hospital in 1984, Dr. Tucker always said (unbeknownst to her) that she would be back to purchase the practice when he retired. When he was ready to sell the practice in 1990, it turned out he was right(!), and Dr. Power became the new owner of Columbia Veterinary Clinic. 

    In 1992, Dr. Virginia Wright, a new graduate from LSU, joined the practice as an associate. Dr. Earl VanBuskirk, a 2007 WSU graduate, started with Columbia Vet in 2011, and Dr. Stacey Rutledge, another WSU alumnus, became our first fourth associate veterinarian in June 2014.

    The hospital facility underwent a major remodel in 2000, enlarging from a 1500 square foot building to 2200 square feet. The clinic remained open during construction, and our loyal clients were supportive through various challenges including a waiting room in the hallway, exam room in the isolation ward, reception in the staff lounge, and ever-present noise and dust. The result was worth it, adding a separate surgery suite, radiology room, additional examination room, doctors' offices, and a staff lounge/kitchen. With its new facility, the clinic became Columbia Veterinary Hospital and was accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association in 2001, achieving a long-term goal set by Dr. Power when she had first purchased the practice. 
  • American Animal Hospital Association Accreditation

    Columbia Veterinary Hospital again received accreditation following a comprehensive evaluation by the American Animal Hospital Association in May 2003. The evaluation includes a quality assessment review of the hospital's facility, medical equipment, practice methods and pet health care management. About 15 percent of all small animal veterinary facilities in the U.S. are accredited hospital members of the association. In order to maintain accredited status, Columbia Veterinary Hospital must continue to be evaluated regularly by the association's trained consultants.
    The American Animal Hospital Association is an international organization of more than 16,000 veterinary care providers who treat companion animals. Established in 1933, the association is well known among veterinarians for its high standards to hospitals and pet health care. For pet care information, pet owners can visit the AAHA web site at Columbia Veterinary Hospital has been a hospital member of the association since 2001.

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