Clinic Tour

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Columbia Veterinary Hospital Sign

Watch for the paw prints to find us on the southwest corner of 6th and Pearl between T-Mobile and the Denny's restaurant.

Client Reception Area

Feline Examination Room

Feline Examination Room (Reception View)


Our technician Jeff preparing a prescription.

Clinical Laboratory

Our Hospital has in-house blood diagnostic capability to perform complete blood counts and blood chemistry values.

Treatment Area

Feline Hospitalization Ward

Stainless steel kennels are provided for our feline patients. 

Isolation Ward

A separate hospitalization ward is provided for pets with infectious diseases.

Staff Lounge

Our lounge provides a retreat to eat and relax. (Wall mural paper courtesy of Dr. Power's mom!)

Radiology Ward

Dog Hospitalization Ward

Nutritional Diet Display

We carry a large selection of veterinary prescription diets for various medical conditions, including kidney disease, diabetes mellitus, colitis, weight issues and food allergies for cats and dogs.

Pet Care Products

Our hospital carries a full line of medicated shampoos, therapeutic skin care products, dental care products, and flea control products.